Friday, August 24, 2007

Dorm Room

Well... let's see. First of all I can't believe I'm finally back in school. This summer felt like it was going on forever. OK... so I showed up to move into my dorm room and the first thing I think is, "WOW... I'm going to be living in a prison cell for the next year!!!" But all is well, because I completely filled up all of my space with all the crap I have (and for those of you who have seen my room at home you probably know what I mean). My bed is right next to Maggie's... who of course is always keeping dorm life interesting for me. In the other section of the room, my roomates are Breinn and Lacey. Breinn is from round valley, and is my hang out buddy. Lacey is a year older than all the rest of us in here, and she has an amazing voice. She is the designated guitar player for us. There are three other rooms attached to our "room thingy." The other girls seem to think we are always avoiding them because we aren't out in the living room watching TV 24 7 haha!!! Can't wait for you guys to come visit me... because you totally should.

love me

PS: you will be happy to know that I found the YELLOW PARKA... hence it being in the picture!!!


Chea said...

the ugly grandpa parka ewwwww.... jack say throw that thing away. we miss .

wendy said...

yes, the parka has gotta go. It was the first thing I noticed in the picture. But after a closer look at the picture, can I just say I love you quilt! Very cute!

Van Haren Family said...

Who has a freakin' jacket like that. Nice, hence Thatcher.