Monday, July 14, 2008

my short (and lonely) summer

So basically I still deciding whether or not moving to California for the summer was such a great idea.  I had such big plans: getting a job, making the bucks, and traveling back and forth to Arizona as I pleased.  Well, that's definitely not how things have turned out.  Pretty much employers are the slowest people ever! They take there sweet time to decide whether or not they want you to work there. I mean come on people, why can't you just work around my schedule. haha ok all of you know that I'm not that conceited, but seriously it was getting frustrating, especially since my mother expected me to get a job as soon as I stepped foot into this dang state.  anyways, let's just say that we have had a few tiffs, but hey, what mother and daughter doesn't. alrighty, so back to the job. I ended up getting a job and I was also supposed to have this other job, but the guy didn't call me back until 2 weeks later! seriously, ridiculous. o well... one thing I can say that's a plus about working in California is that the minimum wage is higher, and I most definitely get much better pay here than I would have if I stayed in Arizona. Before I was blessed (o yes, I do mean blessed) to finally get a job, I was seriously contemplating moving back to Arizona.  Let me tell ya, Arizona was lookin pretty good from my point of view. It's funny that everyone always wants to get away from Arizona and come to California, but truthfully I would much rather stay in the big AZ. California's great and all but it sure ain't home.  Don't get me wrong, the whole reason why I came down here was so that I could spend more time with my mom and my little sister (who, by the way, is a teenager now and is so weird to be around haha).  Anyways, it's been nice getting to spend time with them, but it definitely is a completely different experience living with them than it was living with my dad and brother.  It's even way different from living with Margaret.  Now that was an adventure. Can't wait to see what sort of chaos is going to be brought into our new "living quarters" next semester.  So back to the fam... I think that my mother is taking huge advantage to the fact that I'm a licensed driver, therefore she can use me as my sister's personal chauffeur. But hey, I have nothing else to do so why not, which brings me back to the title of this whole entry. Being lonely is the suckiest thing ever! I miss being in Arizona so much, especially since I don't get to see all of my people! haha but apparently they're missing me too because I am constantly getting phone calls from them. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it! Seriously, if I was down here and I wasn't being able to keep in touch with Jackie or Danni I have no idea what the heck I would do all day. Literally, about 1/4 of my day is spent talking on the phone with them. Some may think that's pathetic, but seriously... I'M LONELY!!! I know you're probably thinking that I should go and find some people out here to hang out with, but that's a big no no.  It's hard enough for me to get people to not look at me like I'm some ALIEN, let alone talk to me.  haha ok maybe I'm a little over exaggerating, but in a way I'm not.  California people are brutal! If you're not in their "crowd" or don't know a member of their "crowd" then you can forget it. For instance, I show up to singles ward expecting someone to approach me (because we all know that when you go to singles ward, at least one person is going to say something to you) and I got nothing! HUGE shocker! plus everybody is already all set up in their little groups, and they all have their little "buddy" to tag along with as a buffer. I've got none of that, and in this town, that stuff is critical. Enough about that, let's see... ok so work. I love it! Jackie and I have discussed it, and both agree that retail is the best job for us.  All the other jobs I've ever had (that number only coming to a whopping 2) were sooo boring and completely not me.  Retail speaks to me. haha I feel weird saying that, but seriously. There is always something to do. Yes, folding clothes and cleaning up the customers' messes is a large part, but it's something to do. You're always on your feet, and I think that helps a lot.  The people are nice, but just as normal, they're all already cliquish and seem to have this huge barrier where no one else is allowed in. o well, I'm only going to be there for about 3 more weeks anyways.  O ya! I am 19 years old now. I always tell Jackie that if I were a boy I could be on a mission right now. She thinks it's weird that I say that, but I think it's pretty logical. Not saying that I want to be a boy or anything, but since I know that I'm not going to be getting married anytime soon I think it would be a great opportunity to take, that is if they let girls go on their mission when they were 19. But it's fine, I totally understand that that's not the case.  Anyways, let me say something about Danni or she's going to kill me if I don't mention her.  um, let's see... nope, I've got nothin.  haha just kidding Danni. Danni, if most if you don't know, is my best friend from school.  She calls me everyday to give me an update on all the things that I'm missing out on this summer up in Thatcher.  well, she doesn't do that all the time, but basically she can't live with out me. Psh, who can blame her. alright, maybe it's not completely like that, but it's good to know that I'm being missed. and of course Jackie Lynn never let's me forget that either. I'm actually pretty excited because this coming up weekend I get the opportunity to head up to Holly Lake again with her family. O how I love you guys (since you guys are basically the only ones who read my blog)! I can't wait to see what this trip will have in store for us! well, that's about it. I promise I'll try to update this as often as possible, because I know I not the best at doing that. Anyways, until then, PEACE OUT!!!


Chea said...

wow do you feel better. I do

ABC Process Server said...

ok Im waiting for the update. Yes, you are part of our family.