Monday, October 1, 2007


so... everyone in the towers has a name for their pod. the boys next door were the first ones to put theirs' up. their name is the MAN CAVE. some of the girls in our pod had the brilliant idea of naming our room the MANLIER CAVE... ya sorry, that did not flow with us because we aren't men!!! DUH!!! so we asked them if we could take it down... they said yes, so we did and then we made another poster that everyone seemed to be fine with (since we of course asked first.... another DUH on their part). so all of a sudden I come home one day and the poster is hanging on our door to get into my room. of course I asked who did this and who other than KIMBER was the culperate. I haven't told you guys about her yet. she lives in the room next to us in our pod. she never showers, so you know when she's out, cause it literally reaks of BO!!! I know that sounds really mean but if you had to live with it, you would not be bothered about what I'm saying about her. I mean seriously, just cause you're not at home doesn't mean that your mom still has to tell you when to take a shower. you should know when other people start telling you that you need to. she also has these fish that keep DYING!!! yes dying, and she won't take them out, so that frikin reaks too. anyways, margaret asked her why she would take our sign down, and first she said it was stupid and that second of all we didn't ask HER!!! SPECIFICALLY!!! holy moly woman... we asked everyone, maybe she just didn't get the memo!!! so she is making this whole big deal and everyone is about fed up with eachother.... so I say, LET'S MAKE PEACE!!! in honor of this entry, lacey dressed me as a hippie, so hope you like my BLAST FROM THE PAST!!! just remember people... PEACE makes everyone happy!!!


rachel said...

Missy I just love you! It was so good to see you this weekend. I'll be down the weekend of the 20th for a wedding, let's get together again!

Van Haren Family said...

Michelle. One word... hilarious. You are having way too much fun. I love the stories, keep them flowing. I think it would have been better if you dressed up like Nacho Libre though... and wore stretchy pants. Just kidding. Sweet hippie get up.

[Frances and Danny] said...

im still waiting for a new post! its been over a month and a 1/2!!!