Friday, September 21, 2007


yesterday I got out of school at 10... and I was supposed to go to seminar for institute, but instead I did my roommates hair. now it was 12 and I was starving from not eating all day. anyways... I called up Danni and we decided to go to sonic. we were sitting there waiting for our food for forever. while we sat, we reminisced on that one time that we went up to the mountain with Spencer and Clint. ha ha... ya she was one of those girls that I said was stupid. funny how things work out, huh? so we decided that we should go back up and try and find the meadow. so we start driving up there. on the way up there are a lot of blind spots and you kind of have to drive on the other side in order to make it around the curve. well... Danni's car is a stick shift and on this one corner all of a sudden 3 cars come around the corner and we have to hit the breaks. hahahahaha... so she slams it into 1st and we start peeling out. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! when we were coming back we were able to see them, so now we know that we have made our mark on the mountain. anyways... we just keep going and going, trying to find this meadow. pretty soon we realize that we don't have so much gas left. it kept fluctuating down and up, so we decided that it was more empty than full. we turned around and I told her that we should just coast down the mountain so that when we get down we still have enough gas to at least get to a gas station. so we start coasting. next thing we know, we hit a flat part and the car is barely moving. she had to press the gas a little for us to go. well this didn't happen the next time we hit a flat part. we had this "brilliant" idea to get out of the car and start running while pushing it!!! it was insane!!! I almost fell on the way out, haha and it's a good thing no one saw us, otherwise we would have felt like even bigger idiots. haha... so we keep running and then we see a huge slant coming up, so we have to hop back in the car. well Danni pretty much almost died when she did that. she was so scared that she jumped to hard and hit the steering wheel!! hahahahaha... so pretty much we had nothing better to do yesterday, other than driving up to the mountain and coasting down. I do admit that it was really fun, and even better that I have another good story to put on here.


[Frances and Danny] said...

hahaha sounds like college is alot of fun for you! yeah that mountain is girls are brave for driving up it!