Thursday, September 13, 2007


so... now we are making new adventures with rattlesnake hunting. one of the scrariest things probably ever. first, we start heading out on this "never ending" road. of course we don't see any rattlesnakes forever... then all of a sudden clinton slams on the breaks, him and spencer hop out, and then they go over to the rattlesnake and try and catch it. but they decided not to try and catch it anymore, now they just want to shoot it. so they shot it, and it was still moving. it was way freaky. the next rattlesnake is one that they decided to keep. they caught it and put it in a box and then placed it in the back of the truck with danni and jen. well the box tipped over when we were speeding down this road, and they started freaking out. luckily the snake didn't come out and bite them. anyways, we just kept driving around and would end up finding a few more, that of course were shot. boys really like guns; and that is pretty much the biggest lesson I learned that night. anyways... I hope you enjoy the pictures of the rattlers. I HATE SNAKES!!! but I will admit that it is a rush to chase one!!!