Wednesday, September 5, 2007

cards and boys

yesterday we went next door to watch the 3rd season of the office (woohoo... which I bought). so anyways, the best part about next door is that all of them are BOYS!!! and not only are they boys, but they are probably the cutest ones at this whole school. I know... we're pretty lucky. k, unfortunatly we didn't get to really watch the office, because everyone else was too loud screaming over who won speed!!! guess who started that whole fiasco???(MARGARET) well, this lead us to decide to play spoons. it was INSANE!!! the end of the game pretty much ended up where margaret jumped over the table to try and get the spoon. it was hilarious. next we played scum. never played it before, so this guy was trying to explain it to all of us. it did not work out. k... I forgot to mention that most of these guys are football players and they are not really the sharpest tools in the shed. wow... so pretty much it took like 30 min for him to try and explain and ended up in all of us never really getting the jist of the game. anyways, it was a fun night where.


wendy said...

sounds like some clean and wholesome fun... wouldn't expect anything less, of course.